Concrete Cutting and Core-drilling

Core drilling is the process of drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, CMU, asphalt, brick and other structural materials. These holes are usually used for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, sewer and sprinkler installations. At Tri-state Concrete Scanning, we use core bits made from diamond segments that are mounted on a rotating shaft powered by a rig mounted drilling machine or a hand held drill. Our core bits can be drilled at any angle and great depths can be achieved. We service all size jobs from large to small and every job is completed to our customer's satisfaction and cleaned up.

We also offer wire-sawing, flat-sawing and wall-sawing services to our customers. Our saws are both electric and gasoline powered and vary from 12 to 80 horsepower. After sawing, cutting or drilling is complete, sometimes, there is still a need to chip and remove areas that were cut out. For this purpose we use anything from jackhammers to cranes to meet our customers' concrete cutting needs and schedules.

Some of our specific services include:

core drilling

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core drilling

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